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A dogfight was a pitched battle in the air between pilots to seek air supremacy for their respective side.

Means to Fight The beginning of the dogfight started when the two opposing sides of the First World War did not want the observation planes to get through anymore so the the way to remove pilots in the air began when pilots would actually drop a bag of metal or bricks on top of an opposing aircraft. Then came the advent of using pistols,rifles, and shotguns in the air to strike down the enemy planes. Then came the Flying Ace.

The Dogfighters The first flying ace in history was a frenchman known as Roland Garros, he fixed up his propellors to have metal plates on his propellors to prevent the bullets from his forward facing machine gun from ripping off his propellors.After his plane was shot down over enemy lines a dutch aircraft designer called Anthony Fokker who made a hydraulic syncronizer or a interupter gear that prevented the machine gun from firing when the propellor was in the way of the barrel. But bad things had to come with this technology as Garros was killed when his gear malfunctioned causing him to shoot off his own prop killing him when he crashed. Billy Bishop

Great Britain's greatest ace during the great war(please add anything else).

Eddie Rickenbacker America's best ace with an amazing 22 victories and an all american man(add anything please). Manfred von Richthofen a.k.a.Red Baron The greatest ace of Germany and of the entire war. Most known for the red Fokker triplane he flew in later years. Shooting down an incredible eighty planes within a period of two to three years, he was the feared leader of the Flying Circus fighter group and instilled respect in all he encountered. He designed probaly the greatest fighter in World War 1 the Fokker D7. He was shot down not by a plane but by a ground machine gun group. If this is true he had the only perfect dogfighting record in history. Notable Aircraft Sopwith Camel You may all this name from the Peanuts comic as being the plane of choice for Snoopy. This clearly outmatched the Fokker triplane in speed and other qualities. It was a premiere aircraft that may have turned the tide of war. Fokker Triplane A versatile aircraft which the prime aircraft of the Flying Circus. It was unwieldy but in the hands of an expert like the Red Baron it was the best out there in the air. Nieport The famed fighter plane that was used to turn the tide against the Flying Circus.(Add something). Sopwith Snipe The best allied fighter in the war and had pilot oxygen and electric heater it was one of few fighters that could match the D7. Fokker D7 The greatest fighter plane in the Great War and the one personally designed by the Red Baron himself the greatest dogfighter of the time.

World War 2 The dogfight entered the next generation as the planes got better and had the cheating advantage. Dogfighters Erich Hartmann The greatest Dogfighter of all time and was known as the Blond Knight of Germany. He shot down an incredible 352 aircraft but was shot down about 16 times. Oh well. (Please add anymore you know of from the Second world War) Notable Aircraft P-51 Mustang The best fighter of the era(Add info). Me-262 The jet fighter that Hitler had envisioned but was made in small amounts and would have never worked. From there to here From World War 2 onwards i do believe the era of the dogfight was dead as now planes can shoot down other planes without seeing one another. Back then it was raw skill and true power.