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A USMC Assault Amphibious Vehicle destroyed at Nasiriyah, Iraq, in a mantainance area. 11 April 2003.

This is a list of known Coalition military operations of the Iraq War that occurred in 2003.

Though the initial war lasted for only 21 days the coalition soon found themselves fighting insurgent forces more and more often. With the increasing use of guerilla tactics, suicide bombings and improvised explosive devices, just walking down the street became extremely dangerous. Upon completion of the initial conflict the coalition troops began counterinsurgency, humanitarian, security and various other types of operations in order to stabilize the country and make it safe for the Iraqi people. From the end of the initial war until the present day, these are the types of operations that coalition troops continue to complete in efforts to eliminate the insurgency and anti-coalition forces.

Surrender of Monafiqeen-e-Khalq


2003 military operations[edit]

Battle/Operation name From date To date Location Purpose and result
Operation Iraqi Liberation 02003-03-19 March 19 2003 02010-08-31 August 31 2010 Iraq U.S. invasion/war on terror in Iraq. Planned to end with the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops, and succeeded by Operation New Dawn (see 2010 below).
Operation Option North 02003 2003 02003 2003 Kirkuk Objective was to seize the city, the northern oil fields and several military airfields in the area
Operation Bastille 02002-09 September 2002 02003-03 March 2003 Throughout Iraq Was the code name for the operation to deploy force elements and prepare for possible combat operations in Iraq
Objective Buford 02003-03 March 2003 02003-03 March 2003 Bashur, near the city of Set up a perimeter and traffic checkpoints around an airfield, which has a runway Template:Convert.
Operation Falconer 02003-03-18 March 18 2003 02003-06 June 2003 throughout Iraq Australian operations during the invasion of Iraq
Operation Antica Babilonia 02003-07-15 July 15 2003 02006-12-01 December 01 2006 Nasiriyah Italian peacekeeping mission in Nasiriyah
Battle of Umm Qasr 02003-03-21 March 21 2003 02003-03-25 March 25 2003 Umm Qasr Was the first military confrontation in the Second Iraq War.
Battle of Nasiriyah 02003-03-23 March 23 2003 02003-03-29 March 29 2003 Nasiriyah During the fighting 18 Marines and 11 soldiers were killed and about 50 were wounded, while the Iraqi resistance was crushed fairly rapidly thereafter.[1]
Operation Northern Delay 02003-03-26 March 26 2003 02003-03-26 March 26 2003 Bashur Airfield Forced the Iraqi Army to maintain approximately six divisions in the area to protect its northern flank, providing strategic relief for Coalition Forces advancing on Baghdad[2]
Battle of Baghdad (2003) 02003-04-03 April 03 2003 02003-04-12 April 12 2003 Baghdad The invasion of the city commenced three days after Allied forces had secured the Baghdad airport
Battle of Debecka Pass 02003-04-06 April 06 2003 02003-04-06 April 06 2003 Debecka Pass To secure a major crossroads near the village of Debecka
Operation Airborne Dragon 2003040 02003-04-07 April 07 2003 Bashur Airfield, northern Iraq Marked the beginning of the first expeditionary insertion of a U.S. armored force into combat by air.
Operation Planet X 02003-05-15 May 15 2003 02003-05-15 May 15 2003 A village near Ad Dawr and Al Dur, 11 mi (18 km) north of Tikrit American raid to capture Ba'athists
Operation Peninsula Strike 02003-06-09 June 09 2003 02003-06-13 June 13 2003 Balad American raid to capture Ba'athists.
Operation Desert Snowplough 02003-06-12 June 12 2003 02007-08-03 August 03 2007 Al-Qurna district North of Basra Codename for Danish operations under British command.
Operation Desert Scorpion (Iraq 2003) 02003-06-15 June 15 2003 02003-06-29 June 29 2003 Fallujah, from Kirkuk in the north to Taji in the south American raid to capture Ba'athists. (included a number of lesser operations such as Scorpion Sting, Spartan Scorpion and Rifles Scorpion)
Operation Spartan Scorpion 02003-06-15 June 15 2003 02003-06-16 June 16 2003 Throughout Iraq Consisted of nationwide raids designed to remove all remaining Ba'ath Party, non-compliant forces and paramilitary forces[3]
Operation Scorpion Sting 02003-06-16 June 16 2003 02003-06-16 June 16 2003 the Thawra neighborhood of Baghdad Coalition soldiers found and confiscated three pistols, one rifle, two mortar rounds and detained 31 suspected criminals
Operation Sidewinder 02003-06-29 June 29 2003 02003-07-07 July 07 2003 a city about 20 kilometers east of al Taji Raids against suspected Hussein supporters. Was designed in support of Operation Desert Scorpion. It involved the 4th Infantry Division, who were tasked with securing highways.[4]
Operation Iron Bullet 02003-07 July 2003 02003-07 July 2003 Baghdad Was designed to collect dangerous ordnance and transport it out of the city where it can be safely handled or destroyed
Operation Tyr 02003-07 July 2003 02003-07 July 2003 Tikrit Destroyed a series of stationary targets without risk of civilian casualties but with high visibility. Was an assault conducted by the 4th Infantry Brigade in Tikrit, primarily as a show of force to deter terrorist and anti-coalition forces. The 1st Battalion, 44th Air Defense Artillery Regiment destroyed a series of stationary targets without risk of civilian casualties but with high visibility. Troops also destroyed Iraqi tanks using high explosive munitions. No one was reported injured in the operation.
Operation Telic 02003-07-11 July 11 2003 Ongoing throughout Iraq The codename under which all British operations of the 2003 Invasion of Iraq and after are being conducted
Operation Ivy Serpent 02003-07-12 July 12 2003 02003-07-21 July 21 2003 a region along Highway 1 between the cities of Bayji, Huwayia, and Samarra Was a preemptive strike focused aggressively on non-compliant forces and former regime leaders who are planning attacks against coalition forces in an attempt to hinder coalition and Iraqi efforts in building a new Iraq. Was an American anti-insurgent sweep in Sallahadin and Diala provinces. It was conducted concurrently with Operation Soda Mountain. The operation was centered on a section of Highway 1 north of Baghdad near the towns of Bayji, Huwayiah, and Samarra. The American action was based on the Fourth Infantry Division whose insignia is ivy. This is a play on the Roman numeral "IV".
Operation Soda Mountain 02003-07-12 July 12 2003 02003-07-17 July 17 2003 throughout Iraq To increase reconnaissance and presence throughout the whole of Iraq to deter, disrupt and rapidly defeat attacks on coalition forces. Was a nationwide sweep by American and Coalition Forces against insurgents and remnants of the former regime conducted from 12–17 June 2003. As a result of this series of almost 150 raids, 62 Ba'athist leaders were captured and a large number of weapons seized. Simultaneously, humanitarian missions such as repairing and rebuilding public buildings were conducted. Conducted roughly concurrently with Operation Ivy Serpent.
Operation Catalyst 02003-07-16 July 16 2003 Ongoing throughout Iraq Australian rehabilitation and reconstruction
Operation White House 02003-07-16 July 16 2003 02003-07-16 July 16 2003 Baghdad Troops of the 101st Airborne Division stormed the residence of Samir Abd Al-Aziz Al-Najim, the central Baath Party chairman for Baghdad
Operation Tapeworm 02003-07-22 July 22 2003 02003-07-22 July 22 2003 Mosul Killing of Uday and Qusay Hussein, Saddam Hussein's sons[5]
Operation Ivy Lightning 02003-08-12 August 12 2003 02003-08-12 August 12 2003 Baghdad, Ain Lalin and Quara Tapa along the Jabal Hamrin Ridge north of the city A number of small weapons stores were uncovered. Was a raid conducted by elements of the U.S. 4th Infantry Division. A number of small weapons stores were uncovered. The names of many operations of the 4th Infantry Division took the name "Ivy", a pun on the Roman numeral "IV."
Operation Silverado 02003-08-16 August 16 2003 02003-08-16 August 16 2003 Subak Sur To capture suspected insurgents and seize weapons stockpiles. Was a small operation conducted by the 39th Infantry Brigade (Light) (Separate/Enhanced) of the Arkansas National Guard in Subak Sur.
Operation Ivy Needle 02003-08-26 August 26 2003 02003-08-26 August 26 2003 Khalis, in and near; 70 kilometers north of Baghdad Was a raid conducted by elements of the 4th Infantry Division in and near Khalis, seventy kilometers north of Baghdad, on 26 August 2003. The operation disrupted a criminal gang active in the area.
Operation Longstreet 02003-09 September 2003 02003-09 September 2003 between Baghdad and Fallujah Numerous weapons stores were destroyed and enemy personnel taken into custody without the loss of a single American life. Was a two-week series of raids and cordon operations conducted by elements of the First Armored Division and the 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment. Numerous weapons stores were destroyed and enemy personnel taken into custody without the loss of a single American life. The operation was named after a Confederate General James Longstreet.
Operation Desert Thrust 02003-10 October 2003 02003-10 October 2003 throughout Iraq Was the name given by 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division to their operations in Iraq beginning on their arrival in October 2003
Operation Chamberlain 02003-10 October 2003 02003-10 October 2003 Sinjar, the border southwest of Was an American border-security operation mentioned in press releases on 15 October 2003. It involved ground surveillance Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS) aircraft to feed information to ground elements of the 101st Airborne Division in near–real time. The Ukrainian 5th Detached Mechanized Brigade was also involved in the operation. This operation was named after US general Joshua Chamberlain (US Civil War).
Operation Industrial Sweep 02003-10 October 2003 02003-10 October 2003 Samarra Was a search of parts of the city of Samarra by elements of the 4th Infantry Division during Post-invasion Iraq.
Operation Tiger Clean Sweep 02003-10-07 October 07 2003 02003-10-07 October 07 2003 Was a border security operation conducted by the "Tiger" Squadron of the 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment announced on 7 September 2003 near Al Qa'im. The town was cordoned off and searched, yielding a number of small arms and fourteen persons suspected of being insurgents.
Operation Sweeny 02003-10-15 October 15 2003 02003-10-15 October 15 2003 southern Iraq Anti-smuggling operation by the Marines. Elements of the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Special Operations Capable(SOC)completed humanitarian assistance, anti-smuggling and security and stabilization operations, 25 October in southern Iraq as part of Operation Sweeney. The MEU SOC, a component of Expeditionary Strike Group One(ESG), composed mostly of Marines stationed with the 1st Marine Division of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California, provided medical and dental capability and produced more than Template:Convert of water for citizens in the region.
Operation O.K. Corral 02003-10-19 October 19 2003 02003-10 October 2003 Ar Ramadi Over ninety people were detained, including four senior officers of the former Iraqi Army. Was a sweep operation conducted by elements of the 82nd Airborne Division in Ar Ramadi beginning on 19 October 2003. Over ninety people were detained, including four senior officers of the former Iraqi Army.
Operation Eagle Curtain 02003-11 November 2003 02003-11 November 2003 northern Iraq Troops participated in 311 patrols, four cordon and knock operations, and eventually detained eight individuals. Was a series of raids and roadblocks conducted by the 101st Airborne Division. Eight persons were detained as suspected insurgents associated with the former government. The name is derived from the "Screaming Eagles" nickname for the 101st Airborne Division.
Operation All American Tiger 02003-11-06 November 06 2003 02003 2003 Was an operation with an objective of capturing insurgents associated with the old regime. At least a dozen prisoners were taken, several of whom were on the American "Most Wanted" list. The first phase was launched by the 1st Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment and the 1st Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division. This operation was designed to target those who suspected of attacking Coalition forces. At least 12 men were detained and some were targeted suspects including Abd Hamad Salah, Huri Mukhlif, Al Ani, Ahmed Kadar Hamad, Faleeh Mahessn, Thair Muklaf Hamadi, and Mohamed Hinde Saeel. The name of the operation is derived from the nickname ("All American") for the 82nd Airborne Division.[6]
Operation Rifle Sweep 02003-11-06 November 06 2003 02003-11-06 November 06 2003 the Iraq-Syria border Focused on the search and seizure of weapons and munitions
Operation Ivy Cyclone 02003-11-07 November 07 2003 02003-11 November 2003 Tikrit Was designed to locate and detain or eliminate persons seeking to harm coalition forces or Iraqi civilians. The operation was executed by the 4th Infantry Division. On 7 November, an American helicopter was forced down near the city, and the next day heavy air and artillery strikes supported a number of military operations in the area.
Operation Boothill 02003-11-10 November 10 2003 02003-11-10 November 10 2003 Ar Ramadi Was designed to clear and secure the roads outside the city and to seize any contraband weapons.
Operation Iron Hammer(Matraqa Hadidia) 02003-11-12 November 12 2003 02003 2003 Baghdad Was a joint operation between the US Army, US Air Force and Iraqi Civil Defense Corps with the objective of preventing the staging of weapons by anti-coalition forces, and preemptively destroy enemy operating bases and fighters in Baghdad.[7]


Operation Ivy Cyclone II 02003-11-17 November 17 2003 02003 2003 Tikrit, near American operation near Tikrit[9]
Operation Rifles Blitz 02003-11-20 November 20 2003 02003 2003 Al Qaim Was a house-to-house search of the Iraqi Syria-frontier border region close to Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, led by the 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment. Involved troops from the 82nd Airborne Division and the 101st Airborne Division. (US News, 12 August 2003, Iraq Hack: A Reporter's Blog, 11 December 2003)
Operation Rifle Sweep 02003-11-26 November 26 2003 02003-11-26 November 26 2003 along the Iraq-Syria border Focused on the search and seizure of weapons and munitions
Operation Bayonet Lightning 02003-12-02 December 02 2003 02003-12-02 December 02 2003 Al Hawija and the village of [ashad, 60 km (37 mi) to the south of Kirkuk Designed to capture weapons, materials, and people that posed a threat against Coalition Forces
Operation Bulldog Mammoth 02003-12-04 December 04 2003 02003-12-04 December 04 2003 Baghdad, northwest of American search of an apartment complex.
Operation Clear Area 02003-12-06 December 06 2003 02003-12-06 December 06 2003 Central Iraq, between Ar Rifa`i and Qal`at Sukkar Was a search and seizure operation utilizing vehicle check points
Operation Abilene 02003-12-08 December 08 2003 02003-12-08 December 08 2003 Al Anbar province Soldiers initiated 12 raids that resulted in the capture of 12 individuals and a number of various weapons. Was conducted by the US Army’s 1st Infantry Division, 1st Brigade. The operation consisted of twelve raids to capture or eliminate individuals responsible for attacking coalition forces. The operation was successful and resulted in the capture of 12 personnel and the confiscation of various weapons.
Operation Panther Squeeze 02003-12-10 December 10 2003 02003-12-10 December 10 2003 Latifiya Was a series of 18 night-time raids by elements of the 82nd Airborne Division. These raids seem to have been in response to an ambush that killed seven Spanish intelligence officers in November. About forty enemy personnel were captured.
Operation Red Dawn 02003-12-13 December 13 2003 02003-12-13 December 13 2003 ad-Dawr American capture of Saddam Hussein.
Operation Panther Backroads 02003-12-15 December 15 2003 02003-12-15 December 15 2003 Ar Ramadi Was an attempt to stop insurgent smuggling. Was launched by the 82nd Airborne Division in the Sunni Triangle in an attempt to stop insurgent smuggling.[11]
Operation Arrowhead Blizzard 02003-12-17 December 17 2003 02003-12-17 December 17 2003 Samarra Seven targets classified as high-value were captured by the 4th Infantry Division and the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division in the Sunni Triangle.[12]
Operation Ivy Blizzard 02003-12-17 December 17 2003 02003-12-17 December 17 2003 Samarra Counterinsurgency sweep by US forces[13]
Operation Iron Justice 02003-12-18 December 18 2003 02003-12-18 December 18 2003 Baghdad, southern portion Captured 28 fuel trucks and nine propane trucks illegally dispensing fuel as part of black market activity. Was a U.S. Army operation aimed at ending insurgent run Black Market fueling activities south of the city. It involved the 1st Armored Division and 82nd Airborne Division.[14]
Operation Rifles Fury 02003-12-21 December 21 2003 02003-12 December 2003 Fallujah Seizure of weapons caches including 204 RPGs. Was a coalition strike at insurgent training camps in the Rawah area. Led by the 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment along with soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division and 4th Infantry Division. The operation was nicknamed by the soldiers involved as Operation Santa's Claws.[15][13]
Operation Devil Siphon 02003-12-23 December 23 2003 02003-12-23 December 23 2003 Ar Ramadi Was aimed at curtailing the growing black market of fuel and propane and restoring Iraq's fuel infrastructure. Like Operation Rifles Fury, this operation was a coalition strike aimed at ending Black Market fuel and propane operations run by insurgent marketeers. The operation involved the U.S. 1st Infantry Division and Iraqi Police.[16]
Operation Overcoat 02003-12-23 December 23 2003 02003-12-23 December 23 2003 Mosul Delivered more than 500 pounds of coats, clothes, shoes, and toys
Operation Salm 02003-12-23 December 23 2003 02003-12-23 December 23 2003 Fallujah Operation Salm was designed to give a higher profile to coalition forces in Fallujah and more exposure to residents. The second objective was to paralyze anti-coalition forces by flooding the streets with soldiers and checkpoints. This operation took place on 23 December 2003 and lasted from 5:30 am to 3:00 pm. Members of the 10th Mountain Division and 82nd Airborne Division participated and reported they detained 12 enemy personnel.
Operation Santa Strike 02003-12-23 December 23 2003 02003-12-23 December 23 2003 Mosul Delivered more than 500 pounds of coats, clothes, shoes, and toys
Operation Iron Force 02003-12-24 December 24 2003 02003 2003 Baghdad The objective was to capture or eliminate any rebel forces seeking to capitalize on the holiday season to attack coalition forces
Operation Iron Grip 02003-12-24 December 24 2003 02003-12-31 December 31 2003, at least Baghdad Was designed to intensify the pressure on Saddam loyalists[13]
Operation Choke Hold 02003-12-30 December 30 2003 02003-12-30 December 30 2003 Baghdad To stop the influx of bomb making materials into the city

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