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File:UStanks baghdad 2003.JPEG
M1A1 Abrams pose for a photo under the "Hands of Victory" in Ceremony Square, Baghdad, Iraq.
File:US Navy 060331-N-5438H-139 An Iraq Army soldier assigned to the 1st Battalion, 1st Brigade, 4th Division, mans a checkpoint during Operation Red Light II, on the outskirts of Monfia village in the Western Desert.jpg
Salah Ad Din Governorate, (31 March 2006) – An Iraq Army soldier assigned to the 1st Battalion, 1st Brigade, 4th Division, mans a checkpoint during Operation Red Light II, on the outskirts of Monfia village in the Western Desert

This is a list of known Coalition military operations of the Iraq War during 2006.

2006 military operations[edit]

File:An-2 plane spraying wheat crops.jpg
Soviet Antonov An-2 airplane sprays pesticide on wheat crops during Operation Barnstormer (May 2006).


The beginning of 2006 was marked by government creation talks, growing sectarian violence, and continuous anti-coalition attacks. Sectarian violence expanded to a new level of intensity following the al-Askari Mosque bombing in the Iraqi city of Samarra, on 22 February 2006. The explosion at the mosque, one of the holiest sites in Shi'a Islam, is believed to have been caused by a bomb planted by Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Although no injuries occurred in the blast, the mosque was severely damaged and the bombing resulted in violence over the following days.

As of 20 October the U.S military announced that Operation Together Forward had failed to stem the tide of violence in Baghdad, and Shiite militants under al-Sadr seized several southern Iraq cities.[1]

On 23 November, the deadliest attack since the beginning of the Iraq war occurred. Suspected Sunni-Arab militants used five suicide car bombs and two mortar rounds on the capital's Shiite Sadr City slum to kill at least 215 people and wound 257. Shiite mortar teams quickly retaliated, firing 10 shells at Sunni Islam's most important shrine in Baghdad, badly damaging the Abu Hanifa mosque and killing one person. Eight more rounds slammed down near the offices of the Association of Muslim Scholars, the top Sunni Muslim organisation in Iraq, setting nearby houses on fire. Two other mortar barrages on Sunni neighborhoods in west Baghdad killed nine and wounded 21, police said.[2]

After capture in December 2003, Saddam Hussein was hanged on 30 December 2006 after being found guilty of crimes against humanity by an Iraqi court.[3]

Battle/Operation name From date To date Location Purpose and result
Operation Industrial Revolution 02006-08-10 August 10 2006 02006-08-10 August 10 2006 Southeast Fallujah/Industrial Sector Cordone and Search Looking for roadside and car bomb Making Facilities
Operation Iron Arrow I 02006 2006 02006 2006 Obeidi region, northern portion Conducted to root out terrorists on the Sunni side of town
Operation Post Hawk 02006 2006 02006 2006
Operation Unified Fist 02006 2006 02006 2006 Baghdad
Operation Baghdad is Beautiful 02006-01 January 2006 02006-01 January 2006 Baghdad Cleanup up Baghdad
Operation King Tut 02006-01 January 2006 02006-01 January 2006 Baghdad Searched for weapons caches
Operation Red Bull 02006-01 January 2006 02006-01 January 2006 the "Triad" area of Haditha, Haqlaniyah and Barwana The search revealed 75 weapons caches terrorists planned to use during attacks in the region.
Operation Falcon Sweep 02006-01-11 January 11 2006, on or about 02006-01-11 January 11 2006, on or about Shakaria One of the operation's objectives was to identify and capture terrorists in the village
Operation Red Bull II 02006-01-18 January 18 2006 02006-01-18 January 18 2006 the "Triad" area of Haditha, Haqlaniyah and Barwana Continue clearing all insurgent operations out of the “Triad” area.
Operation Final Strike (Al Dharba Al Nihaa’ya) 02006-01-29 January 29 2006 02006-01-29 January 29 2006 Jazerra area northwest of Habbaniyah, 75 km west of Baghdad Aimed at neutralizing the insurgency activity and providing a secure area for the citizens of the Jazerra.
Operation Smokewagon 02006-02-02 February 02 2006 02006-02-05 February 05 2006 Hīt, numerous villages south of Looking for insurgents and their weapons caches
Operation PitBull 02006-02-10 February 10 2006 02006-02-17 February 17 2006 east of the Euphrates River Designed to squash insurgent operations
Operation God help us (Ala Allah) 02006-02-12 February 12 2006 02006-02-13 February 13 2006 Subiyhat To clear the area of insurgents and interact with the populace
Operation Dirty Harry 02006-02-20 February 20 2006 02006-02-20 February 20 2006 Muqdadiyah, a neighborhood and farmlands in the southern portion To cordon and knock a local neighborhood which included searching homes and farmland for anti-coalition forces and weapon caches
Operation Minotaur 02006-02-26 February 26 2006 02006-02-26 February 26 2006 a town along the Euphrates River in Al Anbar Province, northwest of Baghdad Was aimed at clearing more than nine kilometers of riverbank and several small villages south of Haqlaniyah
Operation Swamp Fox 02006-03 March 2006 02006-03 March 2006 Muqdadiyah Coalition and Iraqi forces detained 104 suspected insurgents and confiscated a cache of weapons
Operation Raging Bull 02006-03 March 2006 02006-03 March 2006 the "Triad" region of Haditha, Haqliniyah, and Barwanah off the Euphrates River in western Al Anbar Province The first, fully independent Iraqi Army-led mission in the “Triad” region
Operation Raging Bull II 02006-03 March 2006 02006-03 March 2006
Operation Jaws V 02006-03 March 2006 02006-03-04 March 04 2006 Fallujah Disrupting insurgents’ efforts to launch mortar and improvised explosive device attacks against Coalition Forces
Operation El Toro Loco 02006-03-01 March 01 2006 02006-03-01 March 01 2006 Baghdadi
Operation Glory Light 02006-03-02 March 02 2006 02006-03-09 March 09 2006 Sadr to Yusufiyah area Was designed to deny insurgents sanctuary and preempt enemy attacks in the Baghdad area
Operation Lion 02006-03-02 March 02 2006 02006-03-02 March 02 2006 Baghdad Discovered more than 62 tons of munitions and weapons were discovered in over 80 weapons caches as well as the capture of 65 suspected insurgents
Operation Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. 02006-03-10 March 10 2006 02006-03-10 March 10 2006 Fallujah Handed out toys and pamphlets to Iraqi Children
Operation Focus 02006-03-12 March 12 2006 02006-03-12 March 12 2006 Diwaniyah Found a weapons cache
Operation Scales of Justice 02006-03-12 March 12 2006 02006-03 March 2006 Baghdad Approximately 800 suspected insurgents had been detained and 140 weapons caches discovered and cleared as part of the operation.[4]
Operation Swarmer 02006-03-16 March 16 2006 02006-03-22 March 22 2006 a 10-by-10-mile square area northeast of Samarra The operation resulted in 104 suspected insurgents currently being detained and questioned, and 24 caches discovered.
Operation Cowpens 02006-03-19 March 19 2006 02006-04-14 April 14 2006 Jabouri Peninsula Discovering caches and hampering insurgent efforts
Operation Northern Lights 02006-03-21 March 21 2006 02006 2006 Abu Ghraib To disrupt anti-Iraqi forces and to find and destroy terrorist caches in Abu Ghraib. Operation Northern Lights was a joint U.S-Iraqi operation which consisted of approximately 1,400 personnel. Most of the information is confidential and not public.
Operation Scorpion 02006-03-24 March 24 2006 02006-03-25 March 25 2006 Hawijiah A sequential cordon and search of eight villages in and around Hawijah
Operation Red Light II 02006-03-31 March 31 2006 02006-03-31 March 31 2006 Saladin Province Detained 17 anti-Iraqi forces personnel and discovered four weapons caches
Operation Cobra Strike (2006) 02006-04 April 2006 02006-04 April 2006 Haswah and Iskandariyah Was a mission intended to locate the suspected leader and financier of a terrorist cell working in the area. The suspected terrorists were implicated in murders, kidnappings and the emplacement of roadside bombs
Operation Harvest Lights 02006-04 April 2006 02006-05 May 2006 Najaf, Karbala and Babil Provinces To control the progressive loss of the date palm crop and regenerate the industry
Operation Money Worth 02006-04 April 2006 02006-04 April 2006 Baghdad Placed more than 500 concrete barriers at points throughout Baghdad
Operation Sterling 02006-04 April 2006 02006 2006 Basra Detained 14 individuals and recovered a significant weapons cache
Operation Hastings 02006-04-04 April 04 2006 02006-04-07 April 07 2006 Fallujah, northeast of To take weapons out of the hands of insurgents
Operation Bastogne 02006-04-06 April 06 2006 02006-04-06 April 06 2006 Baghdad Blocking off escape routes frequented by insurgents
Operation Bold Action 02006-04-10 April 10 2006 02006-04-10 April 10 2006 Tarmiya, near To provide more security near Tarmiya by chasing the terrorists
Operation Swift Sword 02006-04-26 April 26 2006 02006-04-29 April 29 2006 the villages and farms west of Bayji The operation resulted in the capture of 17 suspected insurgents and the confiscation of a cache of weapons. The cache included more than 100 artillery rounds, mortar rounds, mines, rocket-propelled grenades, sniper rifles, and 4,500 rounds of ammunition
Battle of Diwaniya 02006-04-28 April 28 2006 02006-04-28 April 28 2006 Diwaniya Battle between the Mahdi Army and the Iraqi Army
Operation Babil Perimeter 02006-04-28 April 28 2006 02006-05 May 2006 Al Hayy Detained five known insurgents and found some weapons caches
Operation Lion Hunt 02006-04-29 April 29 2006 02006-05 May 2006 Mosul Designed to remove the insurgents from the region making the area safer and to train the Iraqi police
Operation Dragons Breath 02006-05 May 2006 02006-05 May 2006 Ramadi Search for weapons caches and insurgents
Operation Lion Hunt II 02006-05 May 2006 02006-06 June 2006 Ninewah province To further develop the Iraq police in cordons and searches while reducing the insurgency in the Ninewah province
Operation Stallion Run 02006-05 May 2006 02006-05 May 2006 Baghdad The operation was focused on clearing the roads of bombs and the debris that could hide them
Operation Lion 02006-05-04 May 04 2006 02006-05-04 May 04 2006 Mosul A cordon and search operation
Operation Lightning Blitz 02006-05-05 May 05 2006 02006-05-07 May 07 2006
Operation Tropical Lightning 02006-05-06 May 06 2006 02006-05-06 May 06 2006
Operation Unified Front 02006-05-06 May 06 2006 02006-05-06 May 06 2006 Ameriya An effort to capture anti-Iraqi forces and seize weapons caches in the neighborhood of Ameriya
Operation Lofty Summit 02006-05-07 May 07 2006 02006-05-07 May 07 2006 Mushada Coalition forces will stage out of the same patrol base as the 11th Special Infrastructure Battalion, a specialized Iraqi army unit that protects an oil pipeline running through Mushada.
Operation Iron Triangle 02006-05-09 May 09 2006 02006-05-11 May 11 2006 Tikrit The operation resulted in the detention of 200 suspected terrorists and the confiscation of weapons and propaganda materials at an insurgent training camp southwest of the city.
Operation Barnstormer 02006-05-16 May 16 2006 02006-05-18 May 18 2006 Karbala, Wassit, Babil, Baghdad, Diyala, Ninewa and Dohuk To protect key staple crops from insect damage in several Iraq provinces
Operation Chepultepec 02006-05-24 May 24 2006 02006-05-24 May 24 2006 the Ubaydah region of Southern Lutafiyah Iraqi Police and Coalition Forces provided the outer cordon around the 80 square kilometer area while the Iraqi Army advanced to their objective to drive the terrorists from the region.
Operation Tinto 02006-05-25 May 25 2006 02006-05-25 May 25 2006 Basrah Was a search and arrest mission
Operation Coolspring VIII 02006 2006 02006-05-09 May 09 2006 Mosul Three men of military age previously on the Iraqi Army's most wanted list were detained in searches of a wide area south of the city.
Operation Roaring Tiger 02006-06-03 June 03 2006 02006-06-03 June 03 2006 Baghdad, Adhamiyah district The operation captured 19 suspected insurgents
Operation Cool Carpet 02006-06-09 June 09 2006 02006-06-09 June 09 2006 Gharmah To deliver prayer rugs along with two new air conditioning units
Operation Together Forward 02006-06-14 June 14 2006 02006-10-24 October 24 2006 Baghdad One of the largest combined security operations in the city since the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003
Battle of Ramadi (2006) 02006-06-17 June 17 2006 02006-11-15 November 15 2006 Ramadi The objective of the operation was to take full control of a city that had been out of the hands of the American military for the better part of two years.
Operation Sand Storm 02006-06-26 June 26 2006 02006-06-26 June 26 2006 Ayn Mana To seek out illicit weapons and insurgent forces
Operation Iron Gate 02006-06 June 2006 02006-07 July 2006 Hawija and Riyadh Observe and prevent illegal border crossing's from Iran
Operation Relentless Hunt 02006-07 July 2006 02006-08 August 2006 Hawija and Riyadh
Operation Gaugamela 02006-07-20 July 20 2006 02006-07 July 2006 Hawija and Riyadh A search for suspected al-Qaeda terrorists in towns just west of Kirkuk
Operation River Falcon 02006-07-25 July 25 2006 02006-07-27 July 27 2006 Sayifiyeh The operation was aimed at denying terrorists the use of the town as a safe haven, disrupting insurgent attacks on Coalition and Iraqi Security Forces, and on collecting and destroying insurgent munitions
Operation Thundercat 02006-07-26 July 26 2006 02006-07-30 July 30 2006 Baghdad To disrupt and destroy the insurgency in and around Baghdad
Operation Floodlight 02006-08 August 2006 02006-08-09 August 09 2006, on or about Fallujah To locate insurgents and weapons targeting coalition and Iraqi forces south of the city
Operation Guardian Tiger IV 02006-08 August 2006 02006-08 August 2006 Haditha Triad region's Captured more than 30 suspected insurgents
Operation Passage 02006-08-20 August 20 2006 02006-08-20 August 20 2006 Al Magrab, near Mosul an Iraqi Army, Iraqi Police and U.S. Army joint forces mission
Operation Rubicon 02006-08-25 August 25 2006 02006-08-25 August 25 2006 Husayba A combat mission when they stopped to give the refreshments to the kids
Operation Constant Solidarity 02006-09-01 September 01 2006 02006-09-01 September 01 2006 Diwaniyah To weed out more than 2,000 terrorists in and around the city
Operation Yorktown 02006-09-26 September 26 2006 02006-09-26 September 26 2006 Al Anbar Province Security and Law enforcement: To develop the Iraqi Security Forces, facilitate the development of official rule of law through democratic government reforms, and continue the development of a market based economy centered on Iraqi reconstruction
Battle of Al Rumaythah 02006-09-26 September 26 2006 02006-09-26 September 26 2006 Al Rumaythah Contact between Australian forces from Overwatch Battle Group (West) and unidentified insurgents.
Operation Iron Arrow II 02006-09-30 September 30 2006 02006-09-30 September 30 2006 Obeidi region An IA-led effort aimed at establishing security in the northern portion of the region on the Shia side
Operation Commando Hunter 02006-10-02 October 02 2006 02006-10 October 2006 Yusufiyah Was intended to deny terrorists sanctuary in the city 20 mi (30 km) southwest of Baghdad
Operation SOUK 02006-10-02 October 02 2006 02006-10-02 October 02 2006 Fallujah A cordon and search mission
Operation Half Nelson 02006-10-04 October 04 2006 02006-10-04 October 04 2006 Hurriyah Peacekeeping and Counterinsurgency: An attempt to build trust with Iraqi civilians and eliminate terrorists
Operation Medusa 02006-10-04 October 04 2006 02006-10-04 October 04 2006 Mosul
Operation Benefit Day 02006-10-11 October 11 2006 02006-10-11 October 11 2006 Baghdad Marines and Iraqi Security Forces passed out backpacks full of school supplies to the children
Operation Dealer 02006-10-12 October 12 2006 02006-10-12 October 12 2006 Ramadi Was undertaken to establish a combat outpost in the area.
Battle of Amarah 02006-10-19 October 19 2006 02006-10-20 October 20 2006 Amarah Began when 800 masked members of the Mahdi army stormed three police stations in Amarah
Operation Helping Hand 02006-10-21 October 21 2006 02006-10-21 October 21 2006 Tuz Delivered basic food staples to about 300 Kurd, Turkmen and Arab families
Battle of Fallujah(2006) 02006-11-07 November 07 2006 02006-12-23 December 23 2006 Fallujah (See Operation Phantom Fury)
Operation Trifecta 02006-11-14 November 14 2006 02006-11-18 November 18 2006 Zaidon Performed house-to-house searches and wide spread cache sweeps
Battle of Turki 02006-11-15 November 15 2006 02006-11-16 November 16 2006 Turki Was fought over 40 hours between American paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division and well trained insurgent forces.
Operation Talon 02006-11-12 November 12 20060 02006-11-20 November 20 2006 Fallujah, north of Humanitarian and Counterinsurgency: Rescued 2 hostages and detained 13 suspected insurgents
Operation Polar Black Diamond 02006-11-25 November 25 2006 02006-11-25 November 25 2006 al Taca Detained 10 terrorist suspects and found a cache of improvised explosive device components
Operation Polar Valor 02006-12-07 December 07 2006 02006-12-07 December 07 2006
Operation Cougar 02006-12-10 December 10 2006 02006-12-10 December 10 2006 Adhamiyah A cordon and search operation
Operation Arctic Sunrise 02006-12-16 December 16 2006 02006-12-16 December 16 2006 Baghdad, South of Removed a sizeable cache of bomb making material, detained 11 individuals believed to be involved in insurgent activities and improved the living conditions for the Iraqi people in the area
Operation Eagle Watch 02006-12-15 December 15 2006 02006-12-16 December 16 2006 Tikrit Fifteen suspects were detained in several locations near the city
Operation Moonlight (Alkamra Almaner) 02006-12-19 December 19 2006 02006-12-21 December 21 2006 Netted a weapons cache and demonstrated the Iraqi Army soldiers’ ability to gather intelligence, plan, execute and exercise command and control during a large-scale operation
Operation Gladiator 02006-12-23 December 23 2006 02006-12-23 December 23 2006 Baghdad To sweep the Al Doura market and clear the area so merchants can return and be safe
Operation Beastmaster 02006-12-29 December 29 2006 02006-12-29 December 29 2006 Baghdad, the western suburb of Ghazaliya Cleared three large neighborhoods which were the sights of much sectarian violence

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